Some people have kind of forced me to write a small note about using net on the mobile phone. Surprised? Okay for some douche bags that are still living in the Stone Age say HELLO to GPRS, Wifi and 3G…

I was reading an article and the most interesting finding from it is the fact that more people are using the mobile web to socialize (91%) compared to the 79% of desktop users who do the same. It appears that the mobile phone is actually a better platform for social networking than the PC.

So what happened during this time while you were busy inventing ways to make fire, to bring in this kind of a change? Smarter phones, faster 3G networks, affordable data plans, awesome applications and much more “intelligent” mobile sites.

As a mobile application development company we actually are experiencing the difference in the way people want to run their business in India. Everyone wants a mobile version for websites, everyone is eager to learn more about mobile applications and they want these apps to help their business.

Studies show that people are going back to the slower ways for using the Internet.

One thing I really don’t understand is people complaining about being charged for using a mobile application! Guys give me a break! Look at the data plans the operators are offering. Airtel has a pretty decent plan of Rs 94 per month for 100 mb. Same goes for Vodafone. Aircel even has a Rs 14 plan for 3 days. TATA Docomo charges Rs 48 for a month!!!! And is also advertising these days for providing free GPRS for some social networks like facebook and twitter.

What else do you want? This is in specific response to people who give me headaches just talking about being charged for using net on phone. One guy even said that once he was charged Rs 15 for checking one mail!? And that he ain’t rich enough for these data plans. I really don’t understand how the above discussed data plans can ever be NOT affordable.

Every service provider is spending more advertising money to persuade people on using net on their mobiles. They are encouraging mobile applications, social networks and reducing data charges.

Let me make it clear, its not a crime not to use GPRS on your phone 🙂 This post is just to make people realize how the times have changed.

Let me end this post with our vision for TRANZ.

With TRANZ we aim at providing users with a great platform to share files and always stay connected with people they can actually call friends.

Dream with me of a time when networks will be lightning fast, net on your phone will be as fast as your broadband, of a time when sharing experience won’t be a tiresome task, no attachments from your pc to instantly share photos taken from your mobile camera, of a time when keeping track with your friends is a lots more fun and lots more easy.

If you already have saliva dripping from your mouth, TRANZ is waiting for you.

Honestly I used to love the Bluetooth, I feel it was the most killer thing for mobiles after voice and text. TRANZ dissolves the distance issue of Bluetooth, size limit issue of MMS and mobility issues of your comfortable desktop.

I guess Change is good!

Like some wise man said “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies”