So this is my first blog… actually i got started with a blogger account a few days back but i wasn’t really happy with a few things there. WordPress does give me more themes and a lot more. Another reason i did shift is because i was kind of obsessed with the blog title “blahgging” and by now must have already figured out why 🙂

Its been a very very long time since I’ve been thinking of blogging and just recently I realized well what the hell!! I better stop thinking and start writing.

Actually the main reasons people do shy away from blogging is the fear of failure! But then if I keep sulking in the corner thinking about failure I might just end up not trying anything.

my first blog should be about things that I would have loved blogging about. here’s an intro to my life!

After 4 years of engineering, I really don’t know if I a can call myself an engineer.

This is what the dictionary says

engineer |ˌenjəˈni(ə)r|


a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.

• a person qualified in a branch of engineering, esp. as a professional : aeronautical engineer.

• the operator or supervisor of an engine, esp. a railroad locomotive or the engine on an aircraft or ship.

• a skillful contriver or originator of something : the prime engineer of the approach.

I don’t fit in any any of the above categories ..!

Why did I waste my 4 years on BTech.. hmm 90% of people who end up doing it know the answer (or do they??)

A bit more to the past..! by the end of 4 years in Sainik School, one gets brainwashed for the armed forces. I flunked my first exams and that was the point I actually started thinking what will I do with my life? I still remember lying flat on the parade ground with some flunked-the-exam pals .. wondering what next??!!

We all keep blaming our parents for pushing us into “engineer nahin tho doctor” … come to think of it now.. I dunno what I would ve done otherwise.

For one Engg did change my life..

–       started drinking like a fish

–       ok ..all other bad habits

–       made so many cool fraands… had so much fun I thought I’d never have

–       grew my hair (yeah u think its not a big deal… try studying in Sainik School for sm years, I actually started doubting my hair growth … ok fckrs.. only the growth of hair on my head!! )

–       and the biggest thing … I found the answer to the question “what I should do with my life?”

Certainly the answer wasn’t to be an engineer!!

So there I was in 3rd year when some of us started giving thought to entrepreneurship and we did end up starting a company Innoz.

What we were gonna do and what we are doing are completely different things and I think I’l keep a different blogpost for that.

Not getting into any success talks … its too early. But the most important thing is I am loving what I do….. uhh whatever that I do!

Shit …somehow can’t think of going back to the disciplined life..! the whole routine has kinda changed… waking up at 12 30 pm ie… incidentally everyone here in the company has a similar timing!

I think I am getting exhausted with ideas to write… so I better stop here for my first blog. The other reason is I have some clothes to wash!:( yes I do that… once in uhh… months. Come on these are things that guys like…

”wearing your used underwear again”

“washing once a blue moon”

“keeping your room dirty”

“riding 20 kms to drink chai at 2 30 am” (I am sure this will bring smile on some faces 😉 )

Until next time