Woke up this morning with very high fever. The whole body was aching and the restlessness in my legs due to the pain was making life miserable. The bursting headache made me get up at 7 am in the morning, which is pretty early for me. Somehow my natural reaction was to call up my mom.

Listening to mom’s voice somehow eased my pain, as it has always been the case in my entire life and I’m sure all your lives. There is a magical comfort in whatever she says when you are down and out. Even before me saying that I wasn’t feeling well, she popped in the question “ aren’t you feeling well?”

The selfless love that mothers have for their family always leaves me in awe. For them it has always been their kids ahead of their own lives. I remember my mother resigning her job to look after us(me and my sis). She tells us stories of her struggle to get a good job and becoming the only member of her to leave her hometown for a job. So all the career aspirations become secondary when her child is born. Her kids’ ambitions became her goals. I could keep telling stories about her struggles to give her children the best. When her world was shy to support her during tough times, whether it was after the mixed religion marriage or when she decided to quit her job or when her health took a toll during the kidney operation, the only thing that remained constant is her love for her husband and her kids.

I wonder how mothers manage to share such warmth and love. Maybe it is something science can explain… the bond of carrying the child for 10 months in her womb. Maybe something special in the umbilical cord, some connection medical science can explain. Or maybe something nobody can explain, something so spiritual, something so pure, something like god.

They say ‘ God couldn’t be everywhere that’s why God created mothers’.

Dear Mom

Mother’s day or no mother’s day, you have always been special. I have been an idiot many a times but I pray I can give you a lot of happiness and hope to spread selfless love like you some day.

Happy Mother’s Day